The world's first automatic cat-feeding device for 7 - 10 meals of wet food:
with timer, integrated cooling, pre-warming and infrared protection.

* The rate refers to the fixed period of 24 months, plus handling charge & add-on-interest

Is your cat alone at home? Served safely, reliably and punctually:
the favourite food for your darling.

Exclusively for gourmets: permanently cooled, warmed to a pleasant temperature before
every meal and served precisely to the minute - even during power failures.

The first thermo-electrically cooling automatic cat feeder.

An overview of payment methods

Our online shop offers you a wide range of payment methods to suit your preferences. All payment options are free of charge for you; i.e. we do not levy any separate payment surcharge irrespective of which payment form you finally choose. Secure payment processing is very important to us which is why we work with one of the leading European providers of payment means, Six Card Solutions GmbH / SaferPay. Below, you will find information on the diverse options when it comes to paying for your purchases in our online shop:

Payment by instalments
Given the strong demand from customers, we have decided to offer payment by instalments in cooperation with our payment provider Billpay GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “Billpay”). At present, this is available exclusively to customers with a giro account and place of residence in Germany.
With this form of payment, you pay the invoice amount, plus interest (currently 1% per month) and a fee of € 1.95, in monthly instalments over a period (term) of 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 months which you select during the ordering process (menu item: Payment). The minimum order value for this payment form is € 250.00 gross. The precise instalment plan, the resulting monthly instalments and the interest applicable are shown in binding form when selecting the option "Payment by instalments" in the ordering process of our online shop; the level of the instalments is dependent on the respective value of your shopping basket and the term of your preferred instalment plan.
When purchasing by instalments, the first instalment is due one month after the date of dispatch; all further monthly instalments are due on the corresponding date of the respective following month (example: date of dispatch 10.05.2012, first instalment 10.06.2012. Subsequent instalments on 10th of the respective following month). Instalments are debited from your giro account on the due date. The account data must be entered in our SSL-encrypted shop during the ordering process (following selection of "Payment by instalments"). Purchase by instalments is processed via our external payment services provider Billpay GmbH, Saarbrücker Str. 20/21, 10405 Berlin. The option of payment by instalments via Billpay is not available for all offers and, amongst other things, presupposes successful verification of identity and creditworthiness. More detailed information on payment via Billpay can be found here. It is possible that Billpay will not accept payment by instalments in some cases. This is a matter over which we have no control and we kindly ask you to select another payment method should this situation arise. In this case, we recommend payment in advance, via giropay, Paypal or credit card.

  • The benefits for you:
  • immediate dispatch
  • liquidity-friendly payment over your preferred term (up to 24 months)
  • convenient and secure processing of payment via Billpay
  • your Online-Shop remains your contact point for all questions

concerning your order, e.g. questions concerning the goods, delivery times, dispatch, returns, complaints, credit notes or similar.
The Billpay team and the CATSOMAT Shop look forward to receiving your order.

Zahlung per Ratenkauf

Payment against invoice
When purchasing against invoice (currently only available to customers resident in Germany), you do not have to pay immediately, but undertake to settle the invoice amount within 30 days of the date of the invoice.
When dispatching your order, we print the corresponding due date on your invoice which is sent to you by e-mail following approval by our payment provider. As we use our external partner Billpay GmbH for this method of payment, we request punctual transfer to Billpay GmbH using the account stated separately on the invoice. For liability reasons, this form of payment does not permit a delivery address that differs from the invoicing address.
Naturally, we remain responsible for general customer enquiries (e.g. questions concerning the goods, delivery times, dispatch etc.), returns, complaints etc., even if you purchase against invoice via Billpay.
As such, purchase against invoice is a particularly secure form of payment for you as you are not obliged to pay the invoice amount until following receipt and checking of the goods.

Icon Kauf auf Rechnung - Billpay

Payment by credit card
We accept Visa, Mastercard (Eurocard) and American Express.
At the end of the ordering procedure enter the long card number and expiry month as shown on the front of your credit card as well as the security number on the reverse. The security number consists solely of the last three figures of the number in the signature area of the credit card.
We do not store your credit card data.

Icon Zahlung per Kreditkarte

Payment via PayPal
If you have a PayPal account, you can gladly also use this payment method. PayPal is a very secure payment procedure in which PayPal acts as trustee and offers the customer the possibility of reclaiming money already paid in the event of a dispute with the trader; at the same time, it minimises the credit risk for the trader.
If you do not yet have a PayPal account you can register free of charge at

Icon PayPal

Payment in advance
You pay the purchasing price for the goods ordered via a completely normal bank transfer. After placing your order in our shop you will receive an e-mail showing our bank details for your transfer. As soon as payment has been credited to our account, your order can be released and dispatched.

  • Your benefit: By making payment in advance you avoid using your own bank and account details in the Internet.
  • Disadvantage: The delivery time is increased by 2-3 days as the goods cannot be dispatched until receipt of your payment has been registered.

Our bank details are as follows:
- Beneficiary: CATSOMAT GmbH & Co. Pet Products KG
- Bank: Commerzbank
- Sort code: 370 400 44
- Account no.: 501992200
- IBAN: DE07370400440501992200
Please state the following on your transfer:
Order no. XXXX / first name and surname
You will find your order number in the order confirmation received from us by e-mail when you order in the shop.

Icon Vorkasse

Payment via giropay
giropay is an online payment form offered by more than 1,500 banks and savings banks. With giropay, you pay easily, quickly and securely via online transfer using the online banking system of your bank or savings bank. As a fundamental rule, use of giropay is free of charge for you as customer. You do not even need to register beforehand. All you require is a giro account set up for online banking with one of the participating banks or savings banks. To find out whether your bank or savings bank supports giropay, simply go to the bank-check at

This is how simple things are
You make a purchase in our online shop and opt for payment via giropay.
You will be guided securely and directly from the online shop to the online banking system of your bank or savings bank.
There, you register with your access data as normal.
After successfully logging on, you will automatically be shown a transfer form including all details of the purchase: invoice amount, purpose and the bank information of the dealer.
All you now have to do to complete the transfer is to enter a TAN.
For security reasons, you will immediately receive confirmation of successful payment.
At the same time, the dealer will receive a payment guarantee from your bank or savings bank and can dispatch your order direct to you.

Finally, the most important thing. 

giropay attaches great importance to security.
Payment via giropay is conducted in the secure online banking system of your bank or savings bank. This guarantees that any exchange of sensitive and personal data is exclusively between you and your bank. No third parties gain insight into your personal account and transaction information.

Icon giropay

Payment via direct debit
If you purchase via direct debit, our payment partner Billpay GmbH debits the purchasing price once from your account indicated at the end of the ordering process. The debit is made directly by Billpay GmbH a few days after the purchase.
This payment form is currently only available to our German customers.
For liability reasons, this form of payment likewise does not permit a delivery address that differs from the invoicing address, i.e. this option will not be offered if you enter a different delivery address.

  • The benefits for you: No additional registration, automatic debiting from your bank account, highest security standards and immediate dispatch of goods in stock.
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