The world's first automatic cat-feeding device for 7 - 10 meals of wet food:
with timer, integrated cooling, pre-warming and infrared protection.

* The rate refers to the fixed period of 24 months, plus handling charge & add-on-interest

Is your cat alone at home? Served safely, reliably and punctually:
the favourite food for your darling.

Exclusively for gourmets: permanently cooled, warmed to a pleasant temperature before
every meal and served precisely to the minute - even during power failures.

The first thermo-electrically cooling automatic cat feeder.

Experience interactively – the CATSOMAT as 3D model

To provide you with a better impression of the optical appearance and function of the CATSOMAT, we have developed a simple, active 3D model for you as supplement to our videos. Particularly impressive is the technologically perfected “inner life” of the device, for example the function of the feeding tray (“open and rotate”). We wish you enjoyable viewing.

Your CATSOMAT Service Team