The world's first automatic cat-feeding device for 7 - 10 meals of wet food:
with timer, integrated cooling, pre-warming and infrared protection.

* The rate refers to the fixed period of 24 months, plus handling charge & add-on-interest

Is your cat alone at home? Served safely, reliably and punctually:
the favourite food for your darling.

Exclusively for gourmets: permanently cooled, warmed to a pleasant temperature before
every meal and served precisely to the minute - even during power failures.

The first thermo-electrically cooling automatic cat feeder.

Customer references and opinions

  • e Mrs. Dr.-Ing. Anna S.

    "Dear Mr. Pilz,

    The CATSOMAT has arrived yesterday.

    I would like to sincerely thank you for your relentless efforts in making it happen as this enables us (and our cats) to thoroughly test the product before we make a journey over the next weekend.

    The first impression of the CATSOMAT is excellent. It is well thought through product and has been accepted very quickly from our cats. My husband and myself (by the way: we are both engineers) are excited about your product as it really covers nearly all requirements of a modern cat feeder. And believe me; we know what we are talking about. We have tried so many different models from different suppliers but they all failed in terms of functionality and quality. We have even seriously considered to design and build our own cat feeder as we are both working and therefore need to find pragmatic solutions for feeding our cats while we are absent.

    During our research we have seen your product on your website and have to admit that all our ideas have been considered; and even some more extras. As you know we have ordered the CATSOMAT and thanks to your kind help we enjoyed an Express delivery.

    The quality of manufacturing seems to be very good although the contrast of the display could be improved (dark blue font on a light blue background is not always clearly readable). But this is only a marginal remark.

    Thank you very much for this great product. We wish you and your company continuous success with this distinguished automatic cat feeder."

    Best regards

    Dr. Ing. Anna S.

  • e Mrs. Heike E.

    "Dear CATSOMAT team,

    Thank you very much for the really fast delivery of our new CATSOMAT!

    The configuration of the settings was really very simple and helps me to prepare the CATSOMAT very easily  before leaving home. The loudness of the bird call system has indeed room for improvement but is sufficient. The cooling and the preheating system works well although we have not yet tested it in more depth. So far we are happy by all means. Our cat is happy as well and has already fully accepted the CATSOMAT. Thank you so much for this brilliant invention! I am now leaving home much more tranquilized knowing that my cat receives well tempered food in small portions."

    Best regards

    Heike E.

  • e Mr. Winfried K.

    "Dear Mr. Pilz,

    First of all I want to sincerely thank you for your quick and sound advice over the phone; the promised additional feeding tray has been delivered today.

    I am a proud owner of the CATSOMAT for more than 3 months now using the product on a daily basis. We are very satisfied and we don’t want to miss the device anymore!Our cat Isis has not only accepted the CATSOMAT but is impatiently waiting day by day to be feed at the regular programed feeding times. As soon as she hears the feeding tray moving in its next position she runs in the corridor even before the bird call of the CATSOMAT plays “Isis come, Isis come”.  We so much enjoy these moments.

    Our veterinarian has actually asked us to make sure Isis looses weight, but it turned out to be very difficult for us to  resist her begging. This behavior has now changed significantly: with the CATSOMAT Isis receives smaller  - well tempered - portions at multiple feeding times over the day. As she is so much focused on the CATSOMAT she stopped begging and lost more than 1200g weight! But it is not only the weight but also her temper which improved substantially. Despite her current age of 13 she now behaves as she would be 6 years or so.

    We are strictly using the feeding tray segments  to provide natural fresh meat (ROBOCAT), 16g per portion supplemented with 50 to 60ml water. She loves it … and at the same time we make sure her water balance is improved (older cats tend to drink too few causing risks of building renal and / or bladder calculi).

    Let me summarize that without the CATSOMAT we would definitely have failed to revitalize our beloved cat the way we did! Thank you so much for this great invention."

    Kind regards

    Winfried K.

  • e Ms Dagmar B.

    "Speedy delivery and easy, well-thought-out operation are arguments in favour of CATSOMAT. My three-month-old kitten immediately fell in love with CATSOMAT. The numerous small meals were assured. The next feeding time is always looked forward to with excitement. Unfortunately, my little one then threw a toy into the feeding opening and this resulted in jamming. The device stopped working. The only solution appeared to be a new device. Then Mr Pilz helped me and did not leave me standing in the rain. He sent me a replacement part free of charge in the hope that the motor had not been damaged. And indeed, the CATSOMAT again worked.

    My little one immediately recognised the CATSOMAT and straight away marked it as its own.

    My resume: CATSOMAT enriches every cat household. I would certainly no longer like to be without it. Absolutely recommendable! Super easy operation, great importance is attached to service and friendliness. I would award it maximum points.”


    Dagmar B.

  • e Ms Heike E.

    "Dear Catsomat team, First of all many thanks for the really swift delivery of the Catsomat. Arranging the settings was really very simple. Now, whenever I leave the house, I can get the device ready for use in a very short time. Although I feel that the volume of the attraction call still leaves room for improvement, it is sufficient nevertheless. We have not yet tested the cooling and the pre-warming to their full extent but we shall do so soon. Thus far, we are definitely satisfied all round. When you have a cat that immediately eats everything you give it, CATSOMAT is ideal. We can leave the house and the cat gets its food in portions rather than everything all at once. And the tom-cat has already accepted the device 100%.

    Thank you for this great invention. I can now leave the house in a much more relaxed state of mind.”

    Kind regards,

    Heike E.

  • e Mr Steffen L.

     "Dear Mr Pilz, I must say that I was initially very sceptical indeed about whether my two darlings would actually accept the CATSOMAT as their new food dispenser. However, after a short familiarisation phase, the two of them no longer wanted to be “served” in any other way. Yes, they cannot wait for the next tray to come. As I travel a lot for my work and my neighbours recently moved away, your product is the perfect solution for me and my little ones.

    I am absolutely convinced that you will be very successful and I wish you all the best.”

    Yours sincerely,

    Steffen L.

  • e Ms Brigitte M.
    “…I am not sure who gets greater pleasure from the CATSOMAT - my Romeo or me. Sometimes he lies in front of it – as if to say, come on, open up at last! He never takes his eye off the CATSOMAT.

    ... We have now returned from our holiday and our Romeo has accepted his food from the CATSOMAT without any problems. To put it this way, Romeo is now absolutely CATSOMAT fit! Thanks to the simple operation, our cat nanny had no problems and thus great support, and our darling was not torn out of his accustomed feeding routine.

    ... It is simply great to watch how each mealtime passes. We are very proud, because Romeo has overcome his initial fear. Hardly has he heard the rotating of the tray – even when he is asleep –, he is already fully alert, ears pricked and off he goes. With his tail upright, he runs into the kitchen. Romeo then eats from the tray without any fuss; even the remains left in the rear corner of the triangular form are skilfully moved forward with his paw. It is simply wonderful and we are very happy.

    ... Dear Mr Pilz, I have just read your e-mail and thank you a thousand times over for your great, sensational service as well as your efforts and sympathy. I really do not know of any other company that looks after the well-being of its customers with such warmth. I wish you all the best, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING."

    With kindest regards from Tyrol, Brigitte M.
  • e Ms Beeke S.
    "Hello Catsomat team, I just wanted to express briefly how impressed we are! We do not use the automatic device just for short periods of absence, but now use it for feeding all the time. The cats have quickly become accustomed to the fixed times and nobody now gets stressed if appointments last longer and there is no time for feeding between work and shopping. There is also less begging, as we are no longer associated directly with feeding. Apart from a loose screw at the beginning, there have been no problems thus far. I have likewise not yet found any flies’ eggs in the food in summer as was previously the case; the edges are obviously tightly sealed.”

    Yours sincerely,
    Beeke S.