The world's first automatic cat-feeding device for 7 - 10 meals of wet food:
with timer, integrated cooling, pre-warming and infrared protection.

* The rate refers to the fixed period of 24 months, plus handling charge & add-on-interest

Is your cat alone at home? Served safely, reliably and punctually:
the favourite food for your darling.

Exclusively for gourmets: permanently cooled, warmed to a pleasant temperature before
every meal and served precisely to the minute - even during power failures.

The first thermo-electrically cooling automatic cat feeder.

CATSOMAT product tests and experience reports

It goes without saying that we are convinced by our own product. The positive feedback from our numerous customers is our daily source of motivation. But what about the people who look at and test CATSOMAT with a completely neutral approach? We (and interested readers of our website) found this question so exciting that we decided to make a total of up to 25 test samples available to professional and interested product testers. These people and their cats put our product "through its paces". The test reports will no doubt provide you, as interested parties, with a good idea of CATSOMAT and its diverse range of possible applications as well as its convenient features.
We wish you enjoyable reading!


VICKY LIEBT DICH Blog (Österreich)


"Summary: No household of loving cat owners who wish to ensure the best care of their cats during their absence should be without CATSOMAT. The one-off investment is certainly worthwhile as you can rely on Catsomat…” (Published by Ms Fellner) To the complete test report

Screenshoot Vicky liebt Dich Blog

Ruhrpottgöre Blog


"Summary: Overall, I am very convinced by this system. Operation and programming is very simple, the system well thought out. No food goes bad, no insects can spread (above all in summer) and the food is always served at the right temperature..." (Published by Ms Lastring) To the complete test report


Zaphiraw Produkttest Blog


“Summary: Let’s be honest, if wet food stands around for a long time no cat will want to eat it. Would we eat our evening meal if it has been standing on the table since 6 in the morning? Hardly.. CATSOMAT always serves fresh food at the optimum temperature, this too is very easy to set...” (Published by Ms Hill) To the complete test report

Entertainment Base


“Summary: What a great invention! There are already several automatic feeding devices on the market, but so far only for dry food and, above all, with no cooling/warming-up function. Catsomat will revolutionise the market ...” (Published by Ms Kraushofer – editorial manager) To the complete test report

Entertainment Base