The world's first automatic cat-feeding device for 7 - 10 meals of wet food:
with timer, integrated cooling, pre-warming and infrared protection.

* The rate refers to the fixed period of 24 months, plus handling charge & add-on-interest

Is your cat alone at home? Served safely, reliably and punctually:
the favourite food for your darling.

Exclusively for gourmets: permanently cooled, warmed to a pleasant temperature before
every meal and served precisely to the minute - even during power failures.

The first thermo-electrically cooling automatic cat feeder.

Benefits and advantages of CATSOMAT

CATSOMAT is the world’s first automatic feeding device for cats with integrated thermo-electric cooling (using the so-called refrigerator principle), pre-warming function and many other innovative convenience and safety functions. A premium cat feeding station that has finally thought through the diverse needs of cats and their owners.

But what specific advantages and benefits can you, as cat owner, derive from this automatic cat feeding system? What problems does it solve and how are the needs of your cat catered for?

Below is a list of some of the main advantages and potential benefits of the CATSOMAT in practical use:


From the perspective of the cat owner:

  1. 1
    With its innovative functions, the CATSOMAT simplifies your daily life by enabling a degree of mobility, flexibility and independence not previously considered possible.
  2. 2
    Thus, for example, the use of CATSOMAT avoids the need for complex organisation of so-called cat-sitters (neighbours, friends, relatives etc.) if you have to work longer or want to (or indeed have to) go away at a weekend without your darling.
  3. 3
    Our fully automatic feeding system leaves your private sphere intact as you do not have to part company with your house key.
  4. 4
    Older and/or sick cats require a high degree of discipline as regards both feeding and food. Sometimes at very short intervals. CATSOMAT brings back a certain freedom as you can at least “delegate” feeding reliably and safely. Irrespective of whether you are at home or not.
  5. 5
    Some of your darlings are accustomed to always being fed at the same time (preferably with fresh or wet food). With CATSOMAT, you can now rely on your cat receiving its favourite food at the accustomed times and with your pre-recorded attraction call despite your absence, e.g. appointment with the doctor, shopping etc.
  6. 6
    Thanks to CATSOMAT’s integrated safety systems (infrared protection, power-failure system and “burglar-proof” chassis), there is no need to worry about your cat not being able to get to its food or even injuring itself during your absence. We term this the "clear conscience guarantee".

From the perspective of the cat:

  1. 1
    The use of CATSOMAT ensures optimum, safe and reliable care of your cat around the clock – including, in particular, during your absence. Almost as if you were at home yourself.
  2. 2
    Be honest, your everyday private or working life sometimes means that you have to leave your darling alone at home with a sufficient portion of dry food and enough water. This works, but is your darling really happy about this? With CATSOMAT and its innovative cooling and pre-warming technology as well as the feeding tray with 7 food compartments, you can offer your cat a natural, varied “menu” without having to worry about compromising food hygiene. Thanks to the hermetically sealed lid, fly larvae or similar have no chance – above all in summer. Your cat will be grateful to you.
  3. 3
    Cats are gourmets. They love fresh food and detest stale, old food. CATSOMAT is designed especially to cater for these preferences: thanks to the integrated refrigerator technology, your darling is always served with fresh water; if desired, this can also be pre-warmed to room temperature. Things could not be better!

CATSOMAT therefore combines your needs as cat owner with those of your cat(s) in an optimum manner. Order now and experience for yourself the immediate feeling of flexibility, independence and, at the same time, of caring. 

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